Local Beaches

Ballantrae Beach?is useful as a point for participating in board sports. It is great for enjoying nearly 2km of beach at Ballantrae. The beach itself is made up mostly of pebbles and provides plenty space for setting up boats and boards.


Girvan Beach, with nearby harbour and pontoons,?is suitable for many different watersports and all sports which are not heavy or require a vehicle to launch. The beach is over 2km long and is ideal for kitesurfing and windsurfing.?The adjacent harbour is suitable for larger craft such as yachts and motor cruisers. There are also slipways located in the harbour for launching larger boats with the use of vehicles.

Ballantrae Smuggler’s Festival

The Festival celebrates Ballantrae’s smuggling past – come and catch the smugglers – take part in a mock trial and join in the fun as the miscreants are punished at a fun day – finally join us for some shanties and shenanigans at a finale folk night.

> Ballantrae Smuggler’s Festival

Ailsa Craig Trips

Arrange a pleasure trip onto Ailsa Craig or a sail around the island to see spectacular bird and wildlife. It is a great?location for bird enthusiasts and hillwalkers. There are daily sailings from Girvan Harbour, all year round.?Fishing trips are also available.


Waverley Excursions

The Waverley?is the last sea-going paddle steamer in the world. Sailing in the Firth of Clyde and along the Ayrshire coast, you can enjoy a wonderful cruise along Scotland’s?coast and islands. The sip is magnificently restored with towering funnels, timber decks, gleaming varnish and brass. See and hear the mighty steam engines – they will provide a whiff of nostalgia for some
but are sure to impress all!

> Waverley Excursions


Coasteering, Kyaking, Canoeing

Adventure Centre for Education (ACE) provides adventure activities in the local area, including Coasteering, Kyaking, Gorge Scrambling, Canoeing, and Sub Boarding.?They?can accommodate all ages and levels of skill, and offer wide range of exhilarating programmes and high quality adventure pursuits on sea, river or land.

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